HostGator is a popular web hosting service that provides shared hosting plans, a cPanel dash for managing your website, and superb customer service.

The most crucial question, though, is whether it is the right hosting provider to your unique functions. Inside this HostGator review, we will provide you the info you want to make that choice.

Why HostGator is a Fantastic Web Host?

1. It is affordable

As we discussed in our best 5 web hosting in India listing ,”Price” is just one of the prime factors people factor in while traveling through their hosting options.

You’ll need to buy the plan for three decades, though, if you would like to grab the exceptional price.

The features, functionality, and absolutely free perks you receive for this price are all incredible. And this really is the top reason we urge HostGator to anyone with a limited budget, especially those looking to host their little sites.

2. Uptime

The first performance metric most men and women care about is server uptime. If the server will go under maintenance or won’t be available today and then, then there is no purpose renting such server(s).

In HostGator’s situation, there won’t be any such downtimes.

In case it fails to stand by that promise, they may give you a month of charge on your account, as per their terms of service.

In our testing, we didn’t need to talk with them regarding server downtime since we’d about 99.98% uptime.

3. Support

Having quality technical support is a priority. A firm with the best servers however dreadful service is a big NO from our side.

To evaluate any hosting company’s support team, we have a whole lot of pre-throughout questions⁠– ranging from typical setup issues to loading speed ones and security problems.

In our experience with HostGator service, the team understood our concerns well, were polite, and gave some fast answers. And that’s what we search for in a support team.

Apart from looking for some FAQs in their knowledge base, we tried their two main forms of communication with a worried customer:

  • 24/7 Live discussion: the moment we pasted our query at the live conversation, within minutes, a customer representative joined the conversation and gave a concise answer.
  • 24/7 Phone: We also tried calling through their toll-free number, also surprisingly, we were with an expert in a couple of moments.

4. Security

While most web hosting businesses that offer money-back guarantee give just 30-days to make a determination, HostGator is being much generous and giving a 45-days money-back guarantee.

There are some strict T&Cs to avoid manipulation (such as buying only for a completely free domain name or those ad credits, employing the freebies, and asking for a refund) and value their workers’ work. But, if you actually simplifies their services(and it’s rare), chances are you’ll get a refund.

5. Unmetered Everything

Even though it’s technically metered due to server limitations as well as the amount of consumers on precisely the same server, HostGator does claim and provide unmetered all on their own plans.

Apart from their hatchling programs that let you host only one domain name, you get:

Unlimited domain names: you’ll be able to host as many domains as you need on the exact same plan. With a number of different hostings, there is a limitation on the amount of sites you can host to a job.

Unlimited bandwidth: Basically, “infinite bandwidth” means that you can scale your site as far as you need and not be worried about the number of real time visitors. And HostGator does supply unmetered bandwidth, but it will put a cap if the site starts using other websites’ tools on shared programs. Moreover, chances are, someone from the staff will contact you to improve your plan. That is totally fair, in our opinion.

Unlimited free email addresses: You probably won’t need it, but only in case you do, you have the option to create as many specialist emails as you want.

Unlimited subdomains and FTP accounts: Again, just in case you want to provide the site access to customers or colleagues, you can make an account for them.

In general, HostGator provides unmetered everything, and that’s a pro you’ll rarely find in any other competitors.

6. Server Response time:

Server response time is the time necessary to load a HTML document of a website from a host so the client/browser can start rendering the page.

HostGator’s server response time is the reason we declared it as the” best cheap web hosting for an Indian market”

We chose Mumbai datacenter to keep our website.

And when we ran the URL through Bitcatcha, a host response time checking application, we found it to be 3 ms when obtained from Bangalore, India.

That’s the ideal server response time we’ve seen after testing dozens of web hosting.

7. Free Migration

But if you are not a beginner and have a site(s) but with another hosting provider, HostGator has you covered with their free website migration service.

All you need to do is contact them and ask. They will do a full site transfer(databases, content, scripts, and domain name) for you. Even in the event that you own subdomains, they will perform a comprehensive cpanel migration to get everything ready to go.

However, depending on the design of your own choice, there is a limit to how many websites it is possible to transfer.

Anyway, it is far better than many hosts, like Namecheap, that even charge for inter-server transfers.


HostGator is a global provider of domain registration services and web hosting programs. Its full-featured shared plans get your site online inexpensively.

Should you have to upgrade later, HostGator provides alternatives that allow you to do this without needing to switch suppliers (unless, of course, you wish to).

Not sure that HostGator is ideal for you? You are able to obtain a hosting package, and should you choose within 45 days which you’re not happy, you can find a complete refund of all fees paid.