What is Clevguard Software?

ClevGuard is a program which can permit you to follow any viable cell phone, tablet or PC you need. You can utilize it to remain notwithstanding your youngster’s online movement and, accordingly, keep them secure. This application will deal with both the iOS and Android gadgets, and it’s easy to set up. Throughout the long term, ClevGuard went through many updates and adjustments that worked on its unique variety into a more productive one. You should realize that the child’s form of ClevGuard has the name KidsGuard. ClevGuard is a security and assurance gadget that engages customers to control, screen, or track various devices. Made by Wymond Limited, it is a proposed mate utility for gatekeepers who needs to direct the online activities of their youngsters, assistants who plan to discover real factors about their enormous ones. Moreover, this item is furthermore for associations that need to hinder spillage of private information regarding their endeavor. You can uninhibitedly seek after this item course of action yet, you should purchase a participation plan to totally use its astounding organizations. This effectively works really like HomeGuard.

ClevGuard Features

Before you plunge to the foundation of this program, you should become acquainted with the features it needs to bring to the table you.

GPS Tracker

This program helps you with checking the circumstance of your child at whatever point. You will can get an aide of their space ceaselessly yet also track their previous regions.

Screenshots Capture

You have the choice to take screen catches of their telephone’s development at some arbitrary time.

Screen Other Applications On The Target Phone Or Device.

This component is giving you the decision to follow the whole of your adolescent does on various tasks like Facebook or Snapchat. It’s practical to see any site they visit in any case their examining history. If your youngster detests a particular online page reliably, you will have all the data you need about it.

Erased Messages And Media Files.

In case the customer of the target phone deletes unequivocal works, media or conversations archives like movies or sounds, you will grasp. This instrument is just perhaps the most outstanding features one of the customers of ClevGuard.

Keylogger Feature

The keylogger grants you to screen all the customer accounts which they access from the goal telephone. You may appreciate their username and mystery express in any case their own wifi logger history.

Contacts and other vital telephone data.

With ClevGuard, you can follow the contacts in the memory of the goal phone. You will acknowledge how occasionally the customer gets to these contacts, similarly as compositions and calls.

Ease of Use

The Way to Use ClevGuard Employing ClevGuard is extremely clear. You won’t require any association in these sorts of noticing projects. You ought to just present the program on the goal phone. This shouldn’t require more than several minutes, and you moreover have all of the headings on the screen. At the point when the program is good to go on the telephone, it will become imperceptible to the telephone’s customer. The indistinct thing will occur if you present it onto a tablet or pc. There’s no convincing motivation to pull the Android mechanical get together for this application. It’s furthermore reasonable with iOS devices assortments some place in the scope of 9.0 and 13. At the point when you presented this phone following task, you will get all of the data you need to see on your ClevGuard right hand.

Does Clevguard really work?

The Way to Use ClevGuard Employing ClevGuard is very clear. You will not need any involvement in these kinds of checking programs.

You should simply introduce the program on the objective telephone. This shouldn’t need in excess of a couple of moments, and you likewise have every one of the headings on the screen.

When the program is going on the phone, it will become imperceptible to the phone’s client. The indistinguishable thing will happen on the off chance that you introduce it onto a tablet or pc. There’s no compelling reason to pull the Android device for this application. It’s likewise viable with iOS gadgets varieties somewhere in the range of 9.0 and 13. When you introduced this telephone following project, you will get every one of the information you need to see on your ClevGuard colleague.

Clevguard Software Pricing

There are different designs to browse as per your spending plan and inclinations. In the event that you might want to screen just 1 gadget with this program, you need to download the Premium arrangement. This arrangement will costs around $29.95 for one month. In any case, you can decide to put resources into it for a more drawn out time frame and get a critical rebate. A 3 months acquisition of the program will cost you just $59.95. Similarly, assuming you need to buy it for one year, you might pay $99.95.  There’s a preliminary form likewise if you need to actually look at the program prior to getting it. Then again, that the free preliminary will be insignificant as far as characteristics, and it’ll work like a demo adaptation. Nonetheless, you can utilize it to find out about how this checking programming functions and all that you can anticipate from it.

Clevguard Software Pros

•          Excellent noticing project

•          GPS tracker to screen region

•          Monitor practices from downloaded applications

•          See point by point contacts and phone information

Clevguard Software Cons

•             No free primer

•          Cannot screen more than every contraption thusly


By merging our dominance and experience about the security of web customers, especially powerless kids, we’ve gathered ClevGuard. We are persistently trying to make ClevGuard the most trustworthy and dependable progressed cell phone following and PC noticing project. We base an uncommon course of action on customer trust and embrace every customer’s contemplations. Up to now, ClevGuard is continually given to become supported choice in parental control industry. Our significantly competent gathering of data security experts have surpassed everybody’s assumptions to collect customer data security deals with all around renowned associations. At ClevGuard we’re dedicated toward helping you with guaranteeing your loved ones and secure your data.