What is Big-Commerce?

BigCommerce is a paid-for,’hosted’ e-commerce alternative which enables business owners to set up an online store and sell their merchandise on the web. ‘Hosted’ implies that BigCommerce runs on its own servers — so that you do not have to buy web hosting or install anything on your computer to use it. As long as you’ve got access to a web browser and the internet, you can build and manage your store from anywhere.

The product comes with a range of customizable templates that will help you design your internet store; you could use it to market either physical or digital products; and there are also some tools supplied to assist you advertise your shop.

BigCommerce is principally aimed at people without much in the method of web design skills, but it also allows more tech-savvy users and programmers to tweak the HTML and CSS of the online stores also.

But unless you are in a position to come up with your own online store from scratch, you’re in all probability going to wind up using a hosted solution like BigCommerce anyhow to run your shop, and the fantastic thing is that it’s among the more established products of its kind on the market, with a client roster which contains Paypal, Avery, Clarks Shoes and Gillette.

Big Commerce Pricing

BigCommerce provides four monthly pricing strategies, which can be as follows:

  • BigCommerce Plus: $79.95 a month
  • BigCommerce Pro : $299.95 per month

BigCommerce Enterprise: pricing fluctuates, Depending upon Your business requirements

A 10% reduction is available for your’Plus’ and’Guru’ programs in the Event That You pay yearly for them; along with also a 15-day free trial is also available —

The’standard’,’and’ and’expert’ programs are aimed at individuals and tiny companies, and are a part of the organization’s”Essentials” array of merchandise.

The Enterprise program is targeted more towards bigger companies and corporations (customers with very large bandwidth and innovative selling requirements).

Blogging in Big-Commerce

You might not think that a blog is a vital feature of an internet shop — but you would be wrong.

Blogging is a key part of any successful inbound advertising campaign and when done well can enhance a website’s SEO and, by extension, traffic to it (with equally enhancements obviously leading to increased earnings!) .

Helpfully there’s a built-in site in BigCommerce. Whilst it is not going to compete using a WordPress blog concerning performance, it will nonetheless allow you to create the form of articles that can attract visitors to your site.

Including a blog article in Bigcommerce

There is one rather odd omission from Bigcommerce’s blogging performance nonetheless: an RSS feed.

RSS feeds are useful since they enable your site content to’travel’ — site visitors can utilize them to subscribe to new articles via RSS subscribers or embed your posts on other websites; and site owners are able to use them to automatically populate the newsletters delivered by email advertising tools like Getresponse, Aweber or even Mailchimp.

If you feel the BigCommerce blogging functionality isn’t up to scratch, or if RSS is a deal-breaker for you, you could always integrate another blogging product (for example, WordPress) for your BigCommerce store.

It is important to set up this properly however — using a subdomain — as doing so wrongly means that you may not benefit in your SEO / inbound advertising advantages that blogging can deliver.

      Pros of Big-Commerce

  • It’s user friendly.
  • The total feature set on entry-level BigCommerce plans is extremely comprehensive. Many innovative features that other platforms charge a premium to get are available at far lower price with BigCommerce.
  • It creates selling in multiple currencies straightforward.

Cons of Big-Commerce

  • In contrast to a number of its competitors, you have to pay quite a lot to avail of cart operation.
  • Limits are set on annual online sales — and if you exceed them, you will want to upgrade to a more costly monthly program.
  • The topics are in many instances too much like each other.

Conclusion :-

Overall rating. BigCommerce is a leading ecommerce builder, providing extreme scalability for online stores. It’s more built-in sales tools than any of its competitors, and combines these features with advanced SEO and fantastic multi-channel integration