Atlas VPN is a generally new VPN administration that dispatched in January 2020. They offer a VPN that is, and will stay, for nothing. What’s more, they offer an exceptional variant. The distinction between these adaptations is that Premium gives you admittance to quicker workers and workers that have been improved for streaming. With the Premium rendition you can likewise look over 32 areas rather than 3 and advantage from greater security highlights.

Right away, Atlas VPN logged a ton of individual client data, including your IP address. In spite of the fact that they presently don’t save your IP address, they do in any case log different pieces of data. This is essential client information needed for the application to work appropriately. Map book VPN can’t distinguish the client for sure he does while associated with the workers.

Atlas VPN Features

Chart book VPN offers some incredible elements. That is the situation with both free and premium renditions.

Kill Switch

This capacity helps keep your IP and DNS hidden in the event that the association becomes shaky. The off button include promptly detaches your gadget from the web and keeps it that way until the association is restored.

Not all VPNs offer this capacity on portable, but rather it’s in that general area on the Atlas VPN versatile application. To empower it, you need to pick Always-on VPN and Block Connections Without VPN on your gadget.

No-Logs Policy

It’s an all around to see the Atlas VPN application offer a no-logs strategy since it has free plans. Most suppliers who don’t charge for the assistance are known to gather client information.

Despite the fact that there’s a no-logs strategy, it’s not all that one can discover. The organization keeps some information to work on its administration and make a Premium arrangement accessible to you.

Additionally, every client is alloted a token given to the gadget. As indicated by the Privacy Policy page, the specialized information in it very well may be seen as close to home data. The supplier, in any case, guarantees all that it gathers is treated as expressed in the agreement among you and Atlas VPN.

Tracker Blocker

Shockingly, VPNs alone can’t shield you from trackers. That is the reason the application has an explicitly planned element only for that.

It keeps outsider trackers from watching out for your online conduct. In this way, when you interface with an Atlas VPN worker, you have significantly more power over your advanced protection.

This element is not difficult to set up. You should simply empower it under the safeguard symbol in the application.


Chart book VPN allows you to get to the web from a few IP addresses all at once. This reinforces your secrecy online significantly further.

With turning addresses, you don’t need to stress over sponsors, specialists, eavesdroppers, or another person keeping an eye on your movement.

The SafeSwap work has been presented as of late, and it’s ensured to help Atlas VPN make some clamor.

Best Location Detector

In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to utilize Atlas VPN, tracking down the best worker to interface with can be extreme. Yet, the application can do it for you. The Best Location Detector work hand-picks the best virtual area for you.

It considers everything from distance to download speed to recognize it. You should simply tap the associate button, and presto!

Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

While some VPNs began raising the quantity of concurrent associations they permit, some eliminated the cap out and out. Map book VPN is one of the administrations with no limitations.

Hypothetically, you can stream from different stages and download deluges on however many gadgets as you need, all simultaneously.

Atlas VPN Advanced Features

The application additionally offers some further developed capacities. They include:

Advanced Leak Protection

Map book VPN performs well on the security front. It guards both IPv4 and IPv6 associations. You can peruse the Web without agonizing over having their IP address and individual information get spilled.

Seamless Streaming

To guarantee a definitive encounter, Atlas VPN has a consistent streaming component. The entirety of its exceptional workers are improved for playing media from the web without getting intruded. This implies no slack, buffering, and comparable issues when utilizing Atlas VPN for Netflix or some other web-based feature.

Safe and Sound P2P

P2P sharing keeps on developing. Regardless of whether you use BitTorrent or another program, you can share stuff securely by means of Atlas VPN. The supplier hasn’t set any limitations in regards to imparting documents to enormous gatherings of individuals.

Does Atlas VPN allow torrenting?

Map book VPN doesn’t make a major quarrel about its torrenting abilities. They don’t have devoted P2P workers, nor are they publicizing the usefulness. In any case, in spite of this radio quiet, I can affirm direct that torrenting tackles job.

The download speed I got was around 4-6MB/s (32-48mbps). So it required around 7 minutes to download a 2.7 GB document. Your outcomes might differ, as the paces will be influenced by the very factors that make VPN speeds hard to pinpoint, in addition to the seeders/leechers, and different subtleties. You’ll need to test the assistance yourself to find out about how it performs all things considered.

Map book VPN doesn’t promote this, yet torrenting chips away at their free form, too. However, don’t anticipate that the speeds should be as quick.

Is Atlas VPN Secure?

To the extent security, Atlas VPN sits in the middle. It has the fundamental basics that you’d need in your VPN organization, as AES encryption and a working off button. Regardless, the combination of tunneling shows could use an overhaul, and we’d like extra straightforwardness from the association, especially pondering their business region.

Plans & pricing

It’s one of the least expensive yearly and 3-year designs that I have seen, making the assistance extremely cutthroat. In case you’re intending to utilize a VPN for a solitary objective (like unblocking Netflix), Atlas is a decent choice. I like that the assistance is enough estimated by the quantity of elements you get, which can in any case make an incentive for its clients. There’s likewise no restriction to concurrent associations.

Each arrangement accompanies a 30-day unconditional promise, so you can give the paid alternatives a shot and choose whether you like them enough to legitimize the buy. Installment techniques incorporate charge cards, Google Pay, and PayPal.

Atlas VPN Pros

Solid encryption

Off button

Free form

Unblocks most streaming stages


Web channels

Underlying log in 2FA

30-day unconditional promise

Atlas Cons

No live visit support

IKEv2 is the just burrowing convention

Situated in the US

Little worker armada

Not as great on work area


Map book VPN has a considerable amount of contest since there are numerous other free VPNs out there. All things considered, their administration looks encouraging. They offer programming for cell phones, tablets and work area gadgets supporting Android, iOS, macOS and Windows.