Teikametrics helps brands and dealers’ owners develop their brands through Amazon and with the combination of data, AI-controlled innovation and commercial center expertise. Teikametrics Flywheel, the primary Marketplace Optimization Platform, associates and enhances the basic web-based business processes like publicizing, market insights, and stock across all areas. Teikametrics offers unparalleled information access as well as its scale and AI technology streamlines over $7 billion worth of Amazon and deals each year. Teikametrics Flywheel is an Amazon PPC streamlining stage, which offers bid mechanization, watchword computerization and mission-based boards for publicists.

Teikametrics presents their Flywheel program to be “human-helped”, and their product isn’t yet able to be fully automated for their customers. To make the most of their foundation, Teikametrics prescribes publicists to make use of their Flywheel program with the help of their internal experts, costing additional expenses starting from $1,800 per month.

Features of Teikametrics

Here are a portion of the essential highlights of this incredible instrument:

Algorithmic Bidding Optimization: An algorithmic catchphrase offering arrangement that gives you admittance to the best degree of improvement dependent on AI.

Profit Analysis Tools: Track your benefit separately or as record level. You can see all charges, advancements, and publicizing at some random time. Check what your real benefit is and set greatest offers to publicize items successfully.

Keyword Automation: Increase your catchphrase game. Mechanize and accelerate your cycle to support effectiveness, deals and item perceivability.

Reporting Tools: Gather explicit bits of knowledge continuously. You can get altered reports for your particular targets.

FBA Overview Dashboard: You can picture nitty gritty breakdowns of your ACoS, deals volume, absolute benefits, and so on You can likewise conjecture and track usefulness.

PPC the board/Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands enhancement: Compare natural deals with PPC deals to settle on better choices for your mission.

Teikametrics Flywheel

The Teikametrics Flywheel helps dispatch and increment your item’s benefit. Flywheel gives bits of knowledge zeroing in on factors like item dispatches. It permits you to break down your promoting costs. Flywheel looks at natural and advertisement determined deals information to assist you with further developing your PPC technique.

Flywheel permits you to channel or sort openings by SKU or item type. You can likewise follow your month-to-month progress to alleviate chances, while you can discover important freedoms. Its primary spotlight is on making your Amazon technique as effective as conceivable by eliminating all you don’t require and lessening costs. Flywheel’s calculation dissects the information by utilizing AI to give proposals. Flywheel permits you to do the accompanying:

1.Improve publicizing with deals information: Flywheel considers each datum point from new deals to advance your Amazon publicizing effort. Make energy for your business.

2. Use information Science to further develop advertisements: Flywheel’s calculation enhances information utilizing top-class AI that further develops changes and brings down your expense.

3. Lift Sales, Organic Traffic and Reviews: Flywheel will permit you to discover more purchasers.Your performance metrics of your products are available for both ad and organic sales. Flywheel will also continue to work even when you are away.

Working with Teikametrics Analysts

All highlights referenced above, alongside their capacities, can be overseen by utilizing the product alone. Yet, a few venders have discovered that arrangement and support simpler by working straightforwardly with Teikametrics‘ experts, which you have the alternative to do.

It builds the cost for Teikametrics when contrasted with apparatuses that don’t offer the chance of working with a group of specialists. it’s worth focusing on Teikametrics has a very gifted and committed group and the additional speculation will be great. Particularly, on the off chance that you don’t have the opportunity to put resources into staying aware of the product. Teikametrics‘ group is involved more than 20 online business examiners that cooperate with dealers. Teikametrics‘ examiners will attempt to comprehend your business objectives to assemble execution crusades so your business keeps on growing.


Ongoing shrewd following and exact information reports

Special highlights that furnish you with custom revealing.

Easy to use interface and excellent client assistance.

Totally oversaw administrations save you time and exertion.

Programmed Keyword Action

Execution Analytics Dashboard

Artificial intelligence fueled promoting tech to touch off your Amazon development

Amazon PPC Automated Bidding Machine


Might turn costly for limited scope organizations.

With regards to help, the solitary thing I can truly say is that they are once in a while somewhat sluggish

Plans and Pricing

The expense to get Teikametrics can fluctuate a great deal, contingent upon what administrations you’re searching for and the size of your business. In spite of the fact that, we should make reference to it is a significant venture, so ensure it is the thing that you’re searching for.

Other Teikametrics clients have expressed that the product is great, regardless of the excessive cost on account of its quality and results. Notwithstanding, this may not be the apparatus for you in the event that you maintain an independent company that actually battles to deal with the cost. More modest dealer can go for a less expensive alternative while their numbers develop on Amazon. In the event that you’re a huge vender turning over huge volumes, you’ll need an enhancement device.

Teikametrics is one of the better advanced instruments out there and it’s not difficult to utilize. There’s additionally the choice of going for the product bundle and the oversaw administrations. The value begins from $1,800 each month: Note that these costs depend on deals volumes, so they can go up to $2,499 in case you’re taking care of a major measure of items.


Teikametrics is an amazing program that is simple to use and an effective solution to bigger Amazon businesses. It is a certification that your business is more effective by improving your Amazon support for your products and removing ineffective advertisements from your PPC tasks, and it can also help you identify important new opportunities. It’s the only tools in the industry which has the added benefit of human factors that is a major advantage for a small number of. Businesses can have a person to reach out to at the end of a online visit or at random times. The experts in the group can provide advice or suggestions regarding the best way to make use of a particular capacity in order to use Teikametrics at its highest capacity.