About SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a cloud-based Social Networking marketing and Analytics solution for businesses of all sizes. It gives calendar management, branding, scheduling, customer management and reporting functionalities within a package. Android and iOS apps out there.

SocialPilot integrates with societal networking channels such as The software features bulk scheduling, which lets users create and schedule posts across different social networking accounts from a single portal.

SocialPilot also offers a calendar feature, which allows users To monitor social networking posts on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Users can apply filters to the calendar and view posts by groups and accounts. The calendar interface allows users to drag and drop posts to reschedule them.

Users can also monitor metrics for the performance of Social Networking Campaigns for each site, such as content participation, audience development, demographics, influencers and competitors.

SocialPilot Advantages:

The main Advantages of SocialPilot are its characteristic for overwriting the Default Facebook brand on shared articles, bulk scheduling capability, boost in team cooperation, wealthy browser expansion, social media analytics tool, and customer management attribute. Here are additional details:

Robust Browser Extension

Users can expand the system’s reach by installing its browser extension on Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. The perk of the is that users can share any interesting articles they found online. It can also be utilized for sharing posts from the Twitter timeline and Facebook newsfeed. Another neat benefit of using the extension is the fact that it enables users to schedule pictures from Canva.

Facebook Branding

Every time something is being shared on Facebook through automation tools Such as Hootsuite or Buffer, the app name along the post shown is Facebook’s. SocialPilot can override this setting, enabling users to place their own branding rather than Facebook default. In this manner, the business brand is encouraged as well as the shares do not look automated.

Client Management

SocialPilot features a Client Management tool which can easily manage the Clients’ social accounts with no hitch. This way, users will not have to wait for their clients to make them an admin of their pages or provide the login credentials to them because they are currently able to handle their accounts. That is because there is no demand for measuring account credentials, company logos, and brand name throughout the invitation, effectively preventing the requirement to reveal the organization’s social media toolkit.

Bulk Posts

SocialPilot is capable of easily producing bulk articles, a feature which Makes the system the perfect option for enterprise level customers. This is carried out by uploading CSV files that contain 500 posts, a handy method, particularly for advertising agencies which need clients’ acceptance for every content in social media articles and, have various articles to share daily.

Enriched Collaboration

The application makes it easy for users to invite team members for Collaboration, sharing documents, communicating with one another, and making up useful business ideas. They won’t likewise be needing to restrict the number of participants because SocialPilot’s charge is not per staff member.


SocialPilot is equipped with a strong but comprehensible social media Analytics that enables users to reevaluate their advertising’s efficiency. Also, the contents examined via this tool isn’t limited to the posts that come in the machine but from different sources, reports, and pages as well.

Features of SocialPilot

1. Scheduling With SocialPilot

SocialPilot offers a plethora of options to help you schedule Your articles that fits your marketing calendar.

Next time slot, discuss articles repeatedly at your own selected times or save them as drafts for return to them afterwards.

You can Also mass upload up to 500 articles with SocialPilot. It has the option to mass upload text updates in addition to pictures (something Buffer fails miserably in and Hootsuite works using a workaround).

2. SocialPilot Calendar

It helps you get a very clear idea of what’s ahead on your articles arsenal.

It provides you to filter your articles and your clients’ calendar to Make working easy for you. You also have filters to set month, day and week view.

3. Content Curation

One of largest issue as a blogger is coming up with plenty of Content to keep my social media profiles brimming with updates that are consumable.

4. Collaboration & Client Management Inside SocialPilot

Another important thing to note when buying a societal media Management instrument is the availability of team direction and how simple collaboration is while using it.

SocialPilot is constructed for groups and agency owners to collaborate Seemlessly as well as take particular care of solitude.

Basically, clients can give you access to their social profile Without needing to share their credentials with you (this can be especially helpful for customers that hesistate to share their societal networking accounts to somebody newly hired).

…you Can further make an impact by customizing the invitation hyperlinks with your branding. SocialPilot permits you to put in your logo and brand colours which makes the tool seem like a portion of your agency business, developed exclusively for you.

You can use the Assistance of PostPlanner (free, limited version) Before switching to SocialPiot which has unlimited content tips that will help you choose shareable content based on your specialty, keywords, and influencers.

5) Analytics & Insights With SocialPilot

SocialPilot makes it Simple to get a clear idea of exactly what was there, What’s happening and what’s the resultant ROI of your social networking attempts.

It’s a robust Analytics tool that gives you a clear and Comprehensive data about various platforms including Google My Business. You might even get data of articles that aren’t posted through SocialPilot.

Here is The analytics overview of my Facebook account, right from SocialPilot’s dashboard.


SocialPilot is a cloud-based tool that makes it Simple for promotion and Media agencies, businesses and enterprises, and social media professionals to Manage multiple social media profiles from 1 location. By integrating your One place — you no longer have to log out and in of individual social Profiles to place updates. Additional its bulk scheduling feature lets you To maintain active social accounts without needing an around-the-clock Commitment from you. If you Discover the prospect of individual social profile Direction time consuming and overwhelming, SocialPilot might be the instrument for you.