Outdoor Voices Overview

Outdoor Voices is a popular activewear brand known for its comfortable, versatile, and stylish athletic clothing. Founded in 2014 by Ty Haney, the company aimed to create activewear that encourages people to stay active and have fun while doing so. The brand emphasizes inclusivity and promotes a balanced approach to fitness by encouraging customers to embrace movement in their own way. Their clothing line includes a range of leggings, sports bras, tops, shorts, and outerwear, designed to be suitable for various activities like yoga, running, hiking, or simply lounging. Outdoor Voices gained attention for its use of high-quality, technical fabrics that offer both performance and comfort. Additionally, the brand’s aesthetic focuses on simple, modern designs in a variety of colors, appealing to a wide audience. The company has expanded its reach through both online sales and brick-and-mortar stores across different cities. Their retail locations often host community events and activities, fostering a sense of belonging among their customers. Overall, Outdoor Voices has carved a niche in the activewear market by emphasizing inclusivity, comfort, and a balanced approach to fitness, resonating with consumers seeking functional yet stylish athletic wear.

Outdoor Voices Products

  • Leggings: They offer various styles of leggings suitable for different activities such as running, yoga, or general workouts. These leggings often feature moisture-wicking fabric and comfortable designs.
  • Sports Bras: Outdoor Voices provides sports bras in different support levels and styles to accommodate various activities and body types.
  • Tops and Tanks: These include shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and sweatshirts made from breathable and flexible materials ideal for workouts or casual wear.
  • Shorts: They offer shorts suitable for running, training, or lounging, crafted with performance-oriented materials.
  • Outerwear: This category includes jackets, windbreakers, and sweatshirts designed for outdoor activities or layering during workouts in colder weather.
  • Accessories: Outdoor Voices also offers accessories like socks, hats, bags, and water bottles designed for active lifestyles.

Outdoor Voices Quality

  • Fabric Quality: Outdoor Voices uses high-quality, performance-oriented fabrics that are durable, moisture-wicking, and often eco-friendly. Materials like their TechSweat and Recopy are known for their comfort, stretch ability, and longevity.
  • Design and Construction: The brand emphasizes thoughtful design and meticulous construction. Their products often feature thoughtful details, like flat seams, ergonomic cuts, and strategic ventilation, ensuring both style and functionality.
  • Durability: Outdoor Voices products are generally well-made and built to last. The stitching and overall construction of their apparel, whether it’s leggings, tops, or outerwear, tend to withstand regular use and washing without losing shape or color.
  • Comfort and Performance: Customers often praise Outdoor Voices for the comfort and performance of their clothing. The items are designed for active use, offering flexibility and support without compromising on comfort during workouts or daily activities.
  • Sustainability: The brand has made efforts towards sustainability by using recycled materials in some of their products and adopting eco-friendly manufacturing processes. This commitment to sustainability often resonates positively with environmentally conscious consumers.

Outdoor Voices Benefits, Features and Advantages

  • Quality Activewear: Outdoor Voices offers high-quality activewear made from performance materials that are comfortable, durable, and suitable for various activities.
  • Versatile Apparel: Their clothing is designed for versatility, allowing wearers to transition seamlessly from workouts to everyday activities.
  • Inclusive Sizing: The brand promotes inclusivity by offering a wide range of sizes, catering to different body types and shapes.
  • Community Engagement: Outdoor Voices fosters a sense of community by organizing events, classes, and online platforms that encourage customers to connect and share their active lifestyles.
  • Focus on Movement: Their philosophy emphasizes the joy of movement rather than focusing solely on intense workouts, promoting a balanced and active lifestyle.
  • Sustainability Efforts: The Company is committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and implementing initiatives to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Innovative Designs: Outdoor Voices combines functionality with stylish designs, creating apparel that not only performs well but also looks great.

Experts Of Outdoor Voices

  • Access to exclusive events and experiences.
  • Insider knowledge about new product launches and updates.
  • Connection with a community of like-minded individuals.
  • Opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with the brand.
  • Early access to limited edition merchandise.

Outdoor Voices Customer Services

  • Responsive Communication: Outdoor Voices prides itself on providing prompt and helpful communication channels for customer inquiries. This includes email, phone support, and live chat options on their website.
  • Product Assistance: The customer service team assists with product-related queries, such as sizing, materials, care instructions, and availability of items.
  • Order Support: They offer assistance with order tracking, changes, cancellations, and returns, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience.
  • Problem Resolution: In case of issues like damaged items, missing packages, or incorrect orders, Outdoor Voices aims to resolve these problems efficiently and to the satisfaction of their customers.
  • Knowledgeable Staff: The customer service representatives are knowledgeable about the brand’s products and policies, enabling them to offer accurate information and solutions to customer inquiries.
  • Brand Values and Support: Outdoor Voices customer service aligns with the brand’s values, promoting positivity, inclusivity, and a balanced approach to fitness and lifestyle, reflecting these values in their interactions with customers.

Outdoor Voices Conclusion

Outdoor Voices is a popular activewear brand known for its comfortable, stylish, and versatile clothing designed for various physical activities. Founded in 2013 by Tyler Haney, the company aimed to create activewear that encourages people to stay active, have fun, and embrace a balanced lifestyle. With a focus on inclusivity and promoting the idea of approaching fitness with a more relaxed and joyful attitude, Outdoor Voices gained a dedicated following. The brand’s emphasis on community engagement, social media presence, and collaborations helped it carve out a unique space in the activewear market. However, the company faced some challenges, including internal restructuring and changes in leadership. Tyler Haney, the founder, faced a dispute with the board, which led to her stepping down as CEO. These internal issues affected the brand’s stability and growth trajectory.In conclusion, Outdoor Voices has made a significant impact in the activewear industry by promoting a different perspective on fitness and lifestyle. While facing internal struggles, the brand still holds a place in the market and continues to inspire people to embrace an active lifestyle with joy and comfort.