Liquid Web Overview

Liquid web is a private company that owns and operates 3 private information Centers with redundant power, cooling and network systems. This allows them to provide reliability, speed and security at all times.

This firm has one of the strongest reputations in the Internet hosting business. It hosts websites of several big brands, such as ESPN, MTV, and FedEx. You can’t get a better recommendation than that, if these giants anticipate Liquid web, it must be trusted.

Liquid web chose not to have shared hosting. So if you are on a Budget, and only beginning your website and testing the waters, Liquid web is likely not for you. It aims at established websites, at least medium sized, but preferably superior and enterprise-level clientele.

But, if you do have a growing site, and a deeper pocket, you can’t go Wrong with Liquid web, as it’s one of the leaders in the business.

Characteristics of Liquid Web:

Heroic Support — Company is giving its finest epic service to its customers from last 15 decades.

Migration Process — Users consistently despise the process to change of the Web Hosts. But the group of the Liquid Web additionally support in migrating your data from the present to their hosts. This eases the migration process for customers.

Data Centers of Liquid Web — They kept their promise for encouraging their customers from the very early times. They created their strategies from scratch to ensure the customers of the all time access to their customers’ websites.

Proactive Monitoring — Users worried about their website go offline, Liquid Internet has a solution for this they created Sonar monitoring team to look after your sites and also provides the facility to keep an eye on your hardware, software and network.

Backups — Liquid Web provides its clients the continuous backups, it provides a Guardian recovery and backup, so that your data could be saved and may be safe always.

Management — Liquid net provides their customer a boundary of management which helps the clients to observe the statics, billing and make servers.

Safety — Liquid Web additionally offer the facility of high security. You make your dedicated host, it provides automatically control of ServerSecure* service. In addition, it offers Safe VPNs, Firewalls, PCI compliance, SSl certificate so that your data remain protected.

Easy installation — It takes several minutes to get installed and get ready for work, and really easy to do exactly the same. It’s possible to create, display and resize it readily.

Liquid Web Review — Pros & Cons Experts of Liquid Web


Speedy Hosting — All Liquid Internet’s hosting plans are optimized for fast page loads. Many customer reviews mention how fast their hosting is.

No Plugin Limits — Contrary to other handled WordPress hosting providers, Liquid Web does not prohibit any plugins. It is possible to use any WordPress plugins you need on your website. Customers rave about how friendly, helpful, and skilled the service staff is. Their target market consists of higher-traffic sites which require handled WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, or dedicated server hosting.


No Money-Back Guarantee — Liquid Web doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee. However, you’re not under any contract and can cancel your service at any moment. If you prepay, you may still receive a refund for any full month of service that you do not use. You just need to provide them notice prior to the month in question starts.

Greater Costs — Liquid Web’s hosting plans are pricier than several cheap hosting providers, but you get what you pay for in terms of quality of service and support.

Uptime and Reliability

The Reason corporate customers choose Liquid Web programs becomes evident when we think about their uptime/downtime history.

For contributors for its dedicated and VPS plans, Liquid Internet promises a thorough 100% uptime network warranty. In case this promise isn’t met, the company credits 10x value of their downtime refunded to the clients. So if customers experience a downtime of, state 1 hr, they get 10 hrs credits. Any reimbursement needs to be manually claimed as laid down by Liquid Web.

For clients of its shared hosting plan, Uptime is not guaranteed but then, the business promises to use all out efforts to maintain the service operating like clockwork.

One benefit of getting Liquid Web as the hosting provider is the fact that it does not outsource its information centers to a third party. The privately-owned company is liable for the day to day operations in its 3 Lansing-based data centres. They are promoted prominently on their site, giving corporate customers complete reassurance in understanding that they will receive their money’s worth by deciding on a company with in-house and state of the art centers.

Their bandwidth Contains the Tier 1 top Network bandwidth that is offered by telecoms giants such as AT&T, Sprint & Verizon. Their data centers are equipped with dedicated electricity transformers which makes them self-sufficient and unaffected by electricity provided by utility firms. They use comprehensive and always-on network of UPS and diesel generators to keep the servers purring along.

They take safety concerns seriously using a well-laid out network of digital systems. All data centers are satisfactorily cool with their nicely laid out plan of redundant ac systems. These data centers can also be reinforced by concrete walls.

The inclusion of all of these components ensures Liquid Internet takes its responsibility as a hosting company rather seriously.

Liquid Web Review Conclusion

If You’ve Got a big website, Both in size and in visitors that it pulls, and whether or not it keeps getting larger, you need to choose Liquid Web, without any hesitation. For many years, Liquid Web has bravely kept its premium reputation, and will be continuing to become one of the finest examples of how to take the right approach to web hosting.

Liquid Web is web-hosting elite. They are certainly not cheap, but rest assured, with Liquid Web, quality comes before anything else.

If you Believe that your Website is big enough for this, go ahead, give Liquid Web a try, it will not disappoint You, and it has a 30 day money-back warranty.