NordVPN is the fastest VPN by a wide margin, pegging an average download rate of 115 Mbps across all times and locations tested. Its rise to the top of the list is largely due to the launching of NordLynx, a personalized VPN protocol constructed on Wireguard that produces data more efficiently without impacting security or privacy. NordLynx nearly doubled NordVPN’s throughput in our latest tests.

NordVPN performs well in other areas, too. It unblocks a wide range of streaming services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. This provider’s security is made up of uncrackable military-grade encryption, an app-specific net kill button, and airtight flow security.

Programs are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and Fire TV.

Three great reasons to choose NordVPN

Fastest on the planet

5468+ ultra-fast VPN servers around the world. Ground breaking NordLynx protocol. No bandwidth limits. Experience top-speed online security with NordVPN.

Safe, easy content access

HD movies, live sports, hot TV shows? We got it. It takes only a click or tap to cloak your IP at home or while traveling, permitting you to view your favourite content in privacy and safety.

No logs policy

We could not provide any information about you to third parties if they asked. Why? Since we never log what you do online. We have got nothing to disclose.

Get All the Benefits Of VPN

20 VPN features that come with NordVPN.

Safeguard your online data, securely use apps, and get additional content.

  • Secure Internet

With NordVPN, all your internet data stays safe behind a wall of next-generation encryption.

  • Ultra-fast connection

You do not have to sacrifice speed for better security. NordVPN gives you both.

  • Strict no-logs policy

We don’t track, collect, or discuss your private data. It’s none of the business.

  • Uninterrupted streaming

Bye-bye buffering. Enjoy your TV time anyplace, anytime, uninterrupted.

  • Privacy on the move

Safeguard your internet life with simple next-generation encryption for cellular.

  • VPN servers everywhere

Pick from 5400+ servers in 59 countries. Enjoy the net without any limits or borders.

  • Multiple devices

1 account enables you to connect up to 6 devices. Secure them all — in almost any combination.

  • Protect your information non-stop

Kill Switch will ensure that your data won’t be exposed. Not even for a brief moment.

  • Your personal IP

Get a Dedicated IP address that will be employed by a single person — you.

  • Mask your IP

Keep your surfing to yourself. Don’t let others monitor what you do online.

  • P2P welcome here

Share large files with no hassle due to countless secure P2P servers.

  • Double protection

Change your IP twice and cover your web traffic with an extra layer of safety.

  • Use with ease

It’s only a click. Employing NordVPN is as easy and intuitive as creating your morning java.

  • Onion Over VPN

Combine NordVPN encryption with the anonymity provided by The Onion Router.

  • Block malware and ads

Turn on CyberSec to avoid malware-hosting websites, annoying ads, and botnet control.

  • Browser extensions

Lightweight extensions for both Chrome and Firefox will fasten your surfing instantly.

  • No information flows

To ensure your traffic is fully protected, take the DNS flow test.

  • Worldwide access

Enjoy instant secure access to hundreds of streaming sites worldwide.

  • Support 24/7

Have questions or want help with the NordVPN service? Our team of specialists is here to assist you.

  • Safe to use

Your data will never be compromised using NordVPN.

What type of security does NordVPN use?

As far as connection protocols proceed, NordVPN uses OpenVPN by default in its Windows 10 app. The business uses AES-256-CBC encryption along with a 2048-bit Diffie-Hellman key to maintain

things seriously locked down. OpenVPN works fine with Windows 10 PCs but won’t work with Windows 10 Mobile. Alternatively, you can use L2TP/IPsec with your Windows mobile, which can be supported alongside SSTP and PPTP protocols for legacy devices.

NordVPN more recently implemented IKEv2/IPsec support for strong encryption, better stability, and faster speeds.

Overall, the added support for legacy protocols such as SSTP and PPTP (although not recommended), the use of OpenVPN by default in the Windows app, the usage of L2TP/IPsec for Windows 10 Mobile, and the addition of the relatively new IKEv2/IPsec protocol, reveal that NordVPN is serious about your security.

A note on IPv6 leaks, which NordVPN was notorious for in the past. In February 2017, the company updated its service with IPv6 leak protection that operates on all NordVPN apps. Now, if a user attempts to connect to the VPN with an IPv6 address, the information coming from the speech will be blacked out, and just IPv4 traffic (protected) will undergo. We did not test whether IPv6 escapes were occurring following the update, but it is good to know that NordVPN acknowledged the problems openly and strives to fix them.


Strong encryption, reliable performance.

NordVPN is hands-down one of the greatest VPN providers on the market. The company does not have as many servers as some other providers, and it is not the cheapest alternative. But the amount of additional features, the severe security, the entire lack of logs, and the broad range of connection protocols means you can rest easy while you browse the net privately on a broad number of devices.